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Check List

A single page that may be printed to form a “Wants List”. Hopefully, its columns A to  D can be adapted to cover your particular Jubilee interests, whether they are in mint, used, specimens, or covers that are first day, last day, commercial, single franking, illustrated, etc.


First Print Log

This table records the vignette plates (identified by plate numbers or known flaws) observed as necessarily using the territory's initial print run, (such as first day covers or specimens).


Between the Sheets

Another work-in-progress data sheet which records details (number of digits and sheet position, etc.) of stamp sheet numbering.


Top of the Colonies

A league table giving the popularity of the Crown Agents issues - as far as the Jubilees are concerned.


Contact Us

This enables you to email us.

There are check boxes if you require notifying about site updates or to enquire if particular items are still available from the List of Offers. Ignore these boxes if you just wish to make other queries or comments.


Handbook Addendum

For those who have the Silver Jubilee of King George V Stamps Handbook of 1985, this page summarises information that has since come to light.


External Links

A wealth of background information about the Silver Jubilee issues can be found at: (This site is not currently available).

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Study Circle

For information about the Study Circle, email Neil Donen at: