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Some news in brief

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Used varieties - June 2017


Bruce Davies continues his campaign to establish values of used varieties by submitting examples of: Diagonal line by turret (Fiji 3d, St Lucia 2d, Br Guiana 2c); Dot by flagstaff (Br Guiana 24c); Double flagstaff (Bechuanaland 1d); and Short extra flagstaff (Malta ½d), and expects prices in the 2019 Red Book.


He also sent scans of this Tin Can cover originating from Australia and added: “It seems the gentleman mailed these to himself calling himself the TIN CAN Mailer Mr. Quesnell”.


Recent realisations – June 2016


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Aden (Kamaran) cancelled India 1a block/4 & ½a - scan

Jamaica exploded incomplete booklet - scan

Basutoland set mm, undeclared Rv2B.8/3 on 2d

India 9p tied Rangoon on illustrated undeclared FDC - scan

India 3½a Bird on parapet variety in um block/4

Lundy "alternative" set on cover

Fiji set fu, undeclared Rv2B.8/3 on 2d

Trinidad 2c complete folded sheet including Extra Flagstaff

Grenada specimen set lh

Morocco Tangier set on cover*

India set on Delhi registered airmail cover to New York

Ceylon 6c booklet with interleaves but no stamps (7/35)


* This cover seems to have almost doubled in value since purchased from this site a few years ago.













Hong Kong ex New Hebrides – June 2017


On our last edition, Gary Loew writes: “With regard to the New Hebrides cover, I've confirmed that that is the same exact cover formerly in Rob Schneider’s collection. Rob had disposed of it, though I'm not sure it didn’t make an intermediate stop between the two of them.”


Our apologies for not recognising that it was the same cover as we had featured previously.

Grenada Specimen variety - May 2017


A specimen of the halfpenny value noted on eBay as showing the stroke over the chapel (Wv2.4/4) variety would seem to confirm the use of plate 2 as a “pioneer plate” for this value.


Dire Straits - May 2017


Also noted on eBay was this dismembered “3” in the date of a Straits Settlements 25 cents value.


Anyone seen the like?

Malta Specimen variety - May 2017


Another Specimen variety, in Victoria Stamp Company’s Public auction 36 of May 19th, indicated a short extra flagstaff on the 6d value.

This has now been reflected in our Pioneer Plates table.

Gibraltar Postal Order - April 2017


A Not having seen one before, it was thought worthwhile including this 6d postal order. It is uprated to 8d by a Gibraltar 2d with a Gibraltar M.O. & S.B. cds for 7 My 35 – presumably the first day of issue.

Jamaica airmail rates – April 2017


George Dunbar has pointed out some discrepancies in the rates given in our table. It appears that some sources give different airmail rates. Until such matters are resolved, an alternative table for half ounce rates has been added to the page: