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Some news in brief

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Part Sheets - July 2018


This ebay item would further confirm the part sheet numbering of Barbados supplies.


This shilling example is presumably adjacent to 10/6 rather than 5/6 or 6/6.

Recent realisations – July 2018


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

India 3½a showing Bird on Parapet flaw mm

Omnibus set including BF Egypt mlh

British Forces Egypt seal mh

Straits Settlements set cover to Ceylon reg Geyland Road - scan

Falkland Is set on FDC South Georgia to Stanley

Gibraltar set on reg. air cover to Bahamas, some faults - scan

Straits 12c + defin 1c & 2c on air postcard to U.K. - scan

Hong Kong 20c on piece tied N-Hebrides Paquebot

Malta-Ceylon air at 2/0½ - see Flight from Malta article for scan

India set + fund label on Bahawalpur reg FDC to the Nawab

GB 1½d, defin 3d & LMS 3d on cover Manchester-Euston

Falkland specimen set mm













Ceylon Booklets - June 2018


For those recording the Job Numbers of the Ceylon booklets, recently noted 6 cent booklets on eBay were:

J.N. 47108-2,000 (6/35)

J.N. 57226-2,000 (11/35)

though, for some reason, this one seems to have been modified for 9 cents!

First Plate Log - May 2018


Following our First Plate Log report in Stop Press last time, Neil Donen writes:


"I was intrigued by your comment that the Wv2.2/5 varieties from the BVI specimen stamps originate from plate Wv2A. It was always my understanding that this variety appeared on both Wv2A and Wv2B vignette sheets and that only a few flaws such as the kite and vertical/horizontal log could clearly be associated with a sheet if only one stamp was examined".


So far, nobody else has commented on this.

Pioneer Plates – April 2018


Neil Donen is currently working on the plate numbers used for the Windsor Castle specimen sets, based on the constant flaws reported.

Thanks to him, more data has been added to our Pioneer Plates PDF.

Somewhat disrupting the theory that Specimens were drawn from a single set of paired plates is the entry for the Malta 6d for which three plates are given.

Your own observations would be welcome.

Quite a Packet – April 2018


John Cooper recently acquired this interesting Hong Kong cover, postmarked Sai Kung.


For a local cover, it boasts an astonishing 68c worth of Jubilees. It seems this breaks down to 8c, the minimum sample rate, 20c registration and 40c for insurance.


Would police evidence be entrusted to the postal service?