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Some news in brief

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Red Book report – October 2021


A used omnibus set now stands at £2250. In fact most increases appear in the used columns. (N.B. Not having seen the 2021 edition, comparisons here cover two years).

Both mint and used sets are up for India (especially used in Muscat), S.W.A., New Guinea, Samoa, Dominica, Falklands, N. Rhodesia & St. Christopher. Additionally, used sets have increased for Morocco Agencies (except French zone), Canada, Nauru, Cayman, Ceylon, Fiji, Gambia, Gibraltar, Gilberts, Gold Coast, Jamaica, K.U.T., Montserrat, Nigeria, Saints Helena/Lucia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone & Trinidad. Down is New Zealand & Hong Kong. Also, mint sets up include Morocco Agencies (French), Cook Is, Niue, Basutoland, Br Honduras & Straits Settlements. Down is Malta.

Varieties. India’s 8a Extra Foliage is up, as are some varieties of South Africa (m – now includes Tagged Ear), Cook/Niue (m), Antigua (m), Bermuda (m), Br Guiana (u), Cayman (u), Falklands (u), Jamaica (m), N Rhodesia (u), Nyasaland (u), Sierra Leone (m), Swaziland (u), Trinidad (m) & Turks (u – all of them). Down are GB’s Prussian blue; K.U.T.’s Stroke through “0”; Niue’s Narrow N & Seychelles 20c Extra Flagstaff.


Specimens. Down are Ascension & Virgin Is but Cyprus is up.


Prices removed: India 8a used in Muscat; Gambia’s 143d used.

Recent realisations – August 2021


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Hong Kong 20c uprating reg stationery to Singapore - scan

Hong Kong set perfinned Specimen

GB set with controls on FDC

G King spoof Lundy selection inc. SJ "proof" blocks - scan

India 3½a block/4 inc Bird flaw, mm, toned

GB 6d postal order with Malta Money Order Branch cds - scan

Straits Settlements set on FDC

Grenada 1½d Kite & horizontal log, cds, on piece

Hong Kong set on registered FD front only

GB ½d & 1d with Tristan da Cunha cancels on separate pieces

GB set overprinted swastika/Jersey/1940, mint - scan

Basutoland 6d Dot by flagstaff variety, mint, no gum













Missing FDC – September 2021


Perhaps Brian Lippard’s query about the absence of British Solomons Islands genuine FDC’s, (March Stop Press) was prompted by the likes of this cover. It bears the right date, right month, just two years too late.

More on this subject to follow so, if you have a genuine FDC, a scan would be very welcome.

Birds in the Straits – September 2021


C.S. Chin wonders if others have noticed occurrences of these two frame spots on the Straits Settlements 12c.

Let us know if you have.

Wilde Tristan – September 2021


Gary Loew alerted us to two Rev. Wilde Tristan da Cunha covers (ex Melville collection) being offered by Harmers.


Lot 25. Two GB ½d on postcard with two Type V strikes and bearing the description of the ten month round trip, arriving back in UK, September 1936. Hammer price: US$150.


Lot 35. GB ½d overprinted “Tristan da Cunha/16” on unmailed cover, tied by two Type V strikes and dated 19/11/41. Hammer price: US$ 950.



Portuguese Archive – September 2021


A Sierra Leone specimen set being offered by Classicphil noted that the lot was from the UPU archive of Portugal, adding: “very fine and unique pedigree”.