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Lightning strikes - January 2019


The casual observer might be forgiven for taking this flaw to be a faint rendering of the lightening conductor.


However, it was observed on a Waterlow stamp - that of a Turks & Caicos 1/- value.

Recent realisations – January 2019


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

H K set cancelled Kowloon on illustrated cover to Singapore

BF Egypt 1pi on cover to UK without Crown Circle pp

H K tied to piece by Tandjong Priok & Tjisalak cancels - scan

Hong Kong reg FDC to UK

Nigeria 1½d with clear German Seepost cancel - scan

Hong Kong illustrated reg FDC - scan

KUT 1/- & defin 1c tied Masaka on airmail cover to Ceylon

India 2½a on 3a ps reg cover to UK tied Aden cds - scan

India 1¼a x2 on cover to UK tied Aden Camp cds

GB 2½d on souvenir cover + added cachet, air to Canada

Malta ½d block/4 on invoice to the Empire Press, Valletta.

GB set on Westminster cover, tied Tristan da Cunha cancels













Earth-shattering event – November 2018


Congratulations to Neil Donen on achieving a Large Vermeil at Stampex for his: “The 1935 Quetta Earthquake: Postal responses to mail and relief fund efforts”.


Since the earthquake occurred in 1935 and, despite a post-free ten days, Jubilee stamps inevitably feature in his subsequent article: “The great 1935 Quetta earthquake disaster”.


Barbados 1/- plate 1 - November 2018


Noticed on a cover front was a shilling stamp showing this Wv1.10/6 variety, establishing plate 1 for the denomination.


The cancellation was for 15 Au 35.

Morocco airmails  - October 2018


Having at first thought the rate of this cover was wrong, Nick Levinge points out that Stotter’s book indicates that a French company offered different airmail rates.

Its airmail fee was 1F per 10g to France which, in addition to the postage of 50c for the 1st 20g and a further 75c for onward transmission to the UK, makes sense of this 3F 25c on this 1st step cover to London.

Correction - October 2018


Gary Loew has pointed out an error in our realisations feature of the last issue. This cover should have been reported as sold for £33 and not £78.76. Our apologies.

Incidentally, can anyone reconcile the postage rate? Also, could the intention have been for a first day of censorship?