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Albino Cayman - April 2019


Martin Hardgrave reports a double print on a Cayman Islands ½ d.


His colleague has done a remarkable job of capturing the albino impression on his iphone since the accompanying enlargements are only slightly enhanced.


Time to check your own examples?


Recent realisations – April 2019


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Hong Kong unaddressed FDC, slightly foxed, hinge remains

India 3½a block/20 inc. early state of bird flaw, imperfect mint

Straits $3.85 Dutch airmail cover (inc. 25c x7) to UK - scan

Bermuda 1941 censored cover to US  - scan

Gambia 1/- b/4 inc. extra flagstaff partially removed

Hong Kong HMS Cicala gun boat entire to Kowloon

Morocco French set on paquebot cover to UK

HK 20c, 10 x2, 5, 3 x2 on air pc Kowloon to Germany - scan

GB 2½d, 1d + defin 1d x2 on reg. Rotary cover to Germany

Malta 6d perfin AMB & cancelled Anglo Maltese Bank

BF Egypt 1pi marginal b/4 um

HK 5c on small piece, cancelled Sai Kung cds













Bermuda 1½ d plate 7 - March 2019


As if to confirm this plate's use for the 1½d, the dot above the value tablet flaw, (Wv7.10/3) appeared on this stamp on a cover to India.


The postmark is that of Hamilton for 21 Sep 1935.


Moroccan Airmails - March 2019


A note has been added to our Morocco Agencies French Zone postal rates table reflecting Nick Levinge's earlier observations regarding the French company's alternative air fees to France and onward to UK.

Ascension 1½ d plate 5 - February 2019


Noticed on a cover to Scotland was a 1½d value showing this diagonal stroke through the frame (Wv5.4/1) variety, confirming plate 5 for this denomination.


The cancellation was for 9 Jy 35.