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Sale of the year? – October 2017


An important sale of Jubilee material takes place at Spink’s on November 15th.


There are many scarce items, including some featured in past editions of Stop Press. Also, some from our Offers List such as the Falklands lightning conductor variety cover, lot 336, the validity of the cancels of which still provides room for debate.


The auction catalogue can be viewed at:

Recent realisations – June 2016


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Hong Kong on registered cover (not FDC)

GB  ½d & 1d on pre-release (6th May) cover

GB  ½d & 1d on Lusitania illustrated FDC

GB booklet set on airmail FDC to Sudan & returned - scan

GB set on illustrated FDC to USA

HK 10c cover to UK with postage dues since via Siberia - scan

BF Egypt 1p cover Cairo to Kent, crowned circle 21

Straits 12c, 5c & defin 30c on Raffles air cover, Singapore - scan

India ½a tied/piece by Aden Camp 31 Mar 37 (last day Indian)

Somaliland 2a & 3a on poor reg cover to Ceylon

MA Fr 25c & 3F seahorse on air cover to London

Antigua specimen set lhm













2018 Red Book – October 2017


Making a first appearance in the new edition, amongst  the India used abroad, are prices for denominations used in Aden, (as well as those used in Muscat).


Probably largely due to the efforts of Bruce Davies are the inclusion of the pricing of a number of further used varieties – see the table opposite.


While the complete omnibus sets (both mint & used) remain unchanged, many varieties have seen increases.


The Northern Rhodesia specimen set has again been raised and the St Vincent used 1d has again fallen.


Cyprus fiscal usage – July 2017


For those of us wondering if our Cyprus stamps with a single central puncture were intended for fiscal use, the eBay vendor of a document, (of which this image is an extract), added: “…used for Revenue Tax Duty fiscal purposes and punch holes so it won’t be reused as postage.” Perhaps someone else can explain the “1934” of the handstamp.


Alternative Aden – July 2017


According to another eBay listing, Gerald King appears to have extended his “alternative” Jubilees to include a set from the colony of Aden.



Ceylon Postmarks – July 2017


Following the last article on Ceylon, Gary Loew kindly sent a list of relevant postmarks. These are from David Horry’s “Encyclopaedia of Ceylon Postmarks” but filtered by Gary to leave only those in use at the time of the Jubilee. The list has been added to the PDF of the article: Ceylon Circuit.


De La Rue Horizontal Marks – July 2017


Following John Cooper’s item on the vignette horizontal lines in the selvedge, (adjacent to Rv2A.5/1 & Rv2B.5/6 – sheet cropping permitting), Neil Donen sent these examples of Fiji 2d and Basutoland 1d.



PDF's of some earlier Stop Press items...


SP 50 - Rv2A.10/5 flaw, GB new perfin, Canada proofs, New Hebrides paquebot, Henry III tower flaw, Double specimens

SP 51 - De La Rue plate 3A discovery, Tristan to Lundy cover, Rv2A.10/5 flaw revisited, Rotary International cover

SP 52 - Tristan da Cunha pair, added data on De La Rue plates & sheet numbers, Straits marks, 2016 Red book report

SP 53 - Cayman ½d 2B plate confirmation, Australia VG perfin configuration, Tristan used bogus overprint

SP 54 - Tristan forged bogus overprint, K.U.T. colour changeling, Solomon vignette shift & rotation

SP 55 - 2017 Red Book report, GB FDC curious cachet, Cyprus 3/4 piastre Henry III tower flag variety

SP 56 - Papua essay & New Guinea specimen, K.U.T. to Bahamas set rate, B.F.Egypt concession withdrawal notice

SP 57 - A further Mauritius 1 rupee cover, St Vincent Wv5.7/1 variety confirms plate for 2½d value

SP 58 - Used varieties, Specimen varieties: Grenada & Malta, Postal order from Gibraltar, Jamaica rates discrepancies