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Lanyard flaw – January 2018


Spotted on an eBay listing is this flagstaff flaw on a Basutoland 3d – an unusual type for a De La Rue plate.


Since it doesn’t look like an ink drag, perhaps others have noticed other occurrences?



Recent realisations – January 2018


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

India 3½a block/28 including Bird on parapet flaw

Hong Kong specimen set hinged mint

Sraits 12c x3 + defins to 47c Imperial airmail to Germany

S Rhodesia printer's samples x4

Bermuda 1d, 1½d on illustrated FDC

Canada set + further 13c with Shilling flaw

GB set on presentation card + part 2/- booklet

GB registered illustrated FDC

Straits 97c reg air Mitsubishi cover, Germany via Brindisi - scan

India 2½a with cds of Port Blair (Andaman & Nicobar) - scan

GB 1d + defins to 9d on reg air Rotary cancel cover to Germany

Br Somali 1a + defin 6a on 1st flight cover to Sudan - scan













Mirror Perfin – January 2018


Differing aspects of a perfin within a sheet are to be expected but the mind boggles when they occur on the same stamp – in this case, that of the Australian High Commission, London on a GB 2½d Silver Jubilee stamp.

Jeff Turnbull contacted the Perfin Society’s catalogue editor who writes: The die is C5510.01 which is believed to be single headed.  That being so, it would seem that a vertical strip of up to 20 stamps (the sheets were 6x20), or more likely a sheet of stamps folded vertically (so six stamps thick), has been perforated by passing them sideways under the perforating

head at the top, then turning them over to perforate the bottom as well. This will naturally give one that can be read correctly and the other one reversed.  Why two passes though is a mystery as a single pass would have perforated all the stamps, admittedly with one pattern.


Cigarette card omission – January 2018


In the Fringe Jubilee page of the Silver Jubilee of King George V – Stamps Handbook, reference is made to the Silver Jubilee cigarette card sets of Ardath and Wills. It omits to mention the single card appearing in Ardath’s Stamps: Rare & Interesting set, (No. 14), and so it is depicted here.


Spink auction - November 2017


A full report on this sale by Nick Levinge appears in Flagstaff issue 55. (A number of the lots have since appeared on eBay). Among the items that remained unsold was the Falklands variety cover, lot 336, (featured in the previous Stop Press). The auction catalogue appended the following note: The lightning conductor variety occurs on the second printing which was delivered to the Falkland Islands on 26 October 1935. Stamps were carried to South Georgia on SS "Lafonia" which left Stanley 10 November. arriving on 15 November. There is nothing to suggest that the cancellations are not genuine, however there are no recorded dates of this postmark between 10 July 1935 and 10 November 1935. It is most likely that rather than being forged the datestamps on this cover were either backdated with a genuine handstamp, or that the South Georgia postmaster forgot to change the date from 10 July to 10 November.


Cyprus fiscal usage – November 2017


Following the query in the last issue, Akis Christou gave a prompt reply: - Interesting item the one from Cyprus. The hand stamp is not a postal marking but of the Agricultural Club of the village of Vatili where this document must have originated from. The 1934 has nothing to do with the stamp but is the date that the club started its operations. This is very common in Cyprus to have the date on the stamp of any association.

PDF's of some earlier Stop Press items...


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