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India sorted - April 2018


What must be destined to be the definitive work on the subcontinent’s issue has just been written by Nick Levinge and Rohit Prasad.


It is an impressive A4 288 page hard-backed volume with chapters on the issue’s History, Printing Process, Flaws, Usage, FDC’s, Use Abroad, Postage Due, Jubilee Fund, Rocket Mail, Scarcity Guide etc. It is well illustrated throughout, including where newly discovered constant flaws are dealt with.


The cost is £45 + postage of £2.95 (to UK) or £15 (to elsewhere, by registered airmail from India).


Enquiries to Nick Levinge at:


Recent realisations – April 2018


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

KUT 20c + defin 15c on airmail postcard to Switzerland

S Rodesia 6d, defin 4d + £6.9.0 in revenues on inventory - scan

Hong Kong 5c tied to piece by Sai Kung cds - scan

GB illustrated FDC to Canada

Falkland Is 4d bearing Madame Joseph (No 155) forged cancel

India 9p on illustrated FDC ex Rangoon

Cayman Is mm set including (undeclared) SG 98i

GB 1d & defin 2d uprating 4½d reg env, insured to Germany

Hong Kong set + defin 12c on 1st through flight to UK

Straits set in pairs & Coron set, all fu & perfin YSB

GB 2½d block/6 on cover to Oz via 1st London-Brindisi flight

GB set on card signed Barnett Freedman - scan













First Plate Log - March 2018


In his specimen collection, Geoff Locke has noticed Wv2A marks on 1d and 2½d values of his Virgin Islands set. (Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that a specimen set should contain values from the same sheet position).


The 2½d observation has been added to our Pioneer Plates table.

Barbados Sheet numbering - March 2018


With this example noted on eBay, the key letter “j” (ie: Noted with number adjacent to stamp 10/6) has been added to the Barbados listing in the Between the Sheets table.

French Morocco – February 2018


Gary Loew sent a scan of this interesting cover from Casablanca.


If it was double weight as airmail, it looks to have been priced for a European destination other than France or the U.K.


Lanyard flaw – January 2018


In case anyone was wondering if this De La Rue flaw has been found elsewhere, Patrick Delmore writes:


Hello, Re: Lanyard flaw on the 3d Basutoland. I have the same flaw on a 2d Basutoland. Thanks for a NAME for this flaw. Pat.

Latest Use – January 2018


While Royal Mail would take a dim view of trying to use 1935 GB stamps today, the post office in Craigie, Western Australia would seem to approve their use by cancelling this example with a cds for 27 Dec 2017.


Is this a late use record?

PDF's of some earlier Stop Press items...


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