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Papua New Guinea – January 2017


Bruce Davies has recently acquired a set of New Guinea with Specimen hand-stamps.  Apparently they were from the Tunisian archives.


Bruce has also sent a scan of this Papua essay. Accompanying notes say: “The original artwork in black grey and white with a photographic cut-out of the Kings profile. With a stamp signed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia the printing branch signed Fitzroy Feb. 7 1935”.


Recent realisations – November 2016


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Australia set on Mitchell FDC ex Perth

B.F.Egypt 1pi hinged mint

Australia 2/- strip/4 used

Ceylon set on PPC used FDI Horana - scan

Falkland 1d whole sheet fold/4 CTO Port Stanley 20 De 35

Morocco Spanish set on FDC ex Tangier

India ½a with vignette doubling RSPL copy cert - scan

GB  1½d on Star illustrated FDC - scan

Papua set on FDC ex Losuia (11 Jy 35)

Hong Kong set on cover to UK tied Victoria cds 11 My 35

India set + fund label on 1a reg air cover tied Toungoo (Burma)

K.U.T. 20c + defin 10c, 1c, Kilosa to Bombay, air to Karachi













Sheet serial numbers – December 2016


Recently noted was this example of part sheet numbering of the Sierra Leone 1d.


Also noted was a 3-digit box number for the 20c Seychelles and the table at the "Between the Sheets" table has been amended accordingly.

Henry III tower flag - November 2016


Following the “Anyone seen one on the Nigeria 1½d?” asked at the last update, John Platt reminded me that he had sent scans of his block, (which contains the variety at Wv10.10/1), a good while ago. Apologies to John for not including it earlier.


K.U.T. set rate to Bahamas – November 2016


Gary Loew spotted this registered airmail cover on eBay. With 30c for registration, the rest of the set (1-85) pays the ½ oz airmail (to London & from USA). At $165, Gary felt it was a bit overpriced.

Mauritius 1 rupee covers – November 2016


Following the Absentee Rupee article, Ed Hughes sent this example. He notes: “It appears to have been sent by the sender (another example from the same sender appears in the article) to himself to an address in France and then returned when it was not claimed. I suspect it is philatelic as it was sent to himself and I cannot determine a rate equal to one rupee for a registered air letter to France. Nonetheless, it's something I thought may be of interest”.

Christmas Island covers – November 2016


Reassuringly, John Cooper shows us we don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire one of these. This one to a turf club in Penang cost him $19.99.

Pricing of  varieties – November 2016


Following the item in the Red Book report about the addition of values of used varieties, Bruce Davies wanted to acknowledge the assistance of Neil Donen and Nick Levinge. Bruce has amassed a further 19 examples and hopes to see these reflected in the 2018 edition of the catalogue.

Seal usage – November 2016


A recent eBay offering was a B.F.E. concession withdrawl notice which also clarifies conditions of its usage.



PDF's of some earlier Stop Press items...


SP 50 - Rv2A.10/5 flaw, GB new perfin, Canada proofs, New Hebrides paquebot, Henry III tower flaw, Double specimens

SP 51 - De La Rue plate 3A discovery, Tristan to Lundy cover, Rv2A.10/5 flaw revisited, Rotary International cover

SP 52 - Tristan da Cunha pair, added data on De La Rue plates & sheet numbers, Straits marks, 2016 Red book report

SP 53 - Cayman ½d 2B plate confirmation, Australia VG perfin configuration, Tristan used bogus overprint

SP 54 - Tristan forged bogus overprint, K.U.T. colour changeling, Solomon vignette shift & rotation

SP 55 - 2017 Red Book report, GB FDC curious cachet, Cyprus 3/4 piastre Henry III tower flag variety