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Night Shift – March 2021


A fortunate aspect of the design of the Windsor Castle series is that it can tolerate a vignette displacement to an extent that, had it been a symmetrical design, would be unacceptable. That is, unless the displacement was more than 1mm, as in this example from Hugh Alexander Jupp, when the Brunswick tower collides with the frame.

Recent realisations – March 2021


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

HK Chinese inscribed FDC with Victoria noon cds - scan

India rocket 2R label tete-beche signed pair

GB forged Westminster FDC - 8 bids

BFE 1pi tied to RAF piece by red retta - scan

HK set in mnh marginal blocks/4

Jamaica single 1/- value perf SPECIMEN

Cylinder 62 marginal Morocco Agencies 5 centimes mnh

Trinidad & Tobago extra flagstaff set of four mlh

India set less 8a on reg cover to S Rhodesia - scan

GB booklet inverted wmk set punctured & "cancelled" mm

Malta 6d extra flagstaff marginal block/4 um

HK 10c serial no. marginal block/4 um













Anticipation – February 2021


This India 1a appears to be postmarked Calcutta 5 May 35.


How many territories have been noted with pre-release examples?

Slight inclination – February 2021


A scarce printing error is a skewed image as with this Ceylon 6c which, apart from lateral shifts, shows a slight clockwise movement.


Since the vignette seems to align with the frame, perhaps the error occurred during perforation.


Double vision – January 2021


Since there is little evidence of an albino print with this Ceylon 50c, one might take the additional marks as setting-off - except that examples of that would be expected on the gummed side.


Reader’s ideas would be welcome.


PDF's of some earlier Stop Press items...


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SP 53 - Cayman ½d 2B plate confirmation, Australia VG perfin configuration, Tristan used bogus overprint

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