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Some previous Stop Press items

Moroccan Wave - August 2021


While you might be familiar with the "Raised Agencies" variety of overprint, does anyone know the sheet position of this "Raised Morocco"?

Recent realisations – August 2021


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Falkland single 1d perfinned Specimen, mm

Somewhat ragged India FDC to Sumatra via Singapore - scan

Hong Kong 10c pair on illustrated local FDC - scan

India set fu with Bombay FDI cancels

Yet another GB air FDC undelivered & returned from Greece

Morocco Agencies (Br) 1½d block/9 mm with IFS variety

Barbados 1/- cds with undeclared Wv2B.1/6 variety

BF Egypt 1pi um with light crease & thin "N" variety

GB 2½d + airmail labels on 1d ps pc, tied Tristan da Cunha h/s

Leeward Is 1½d full sheet um

BF Egypt 1pi fu

HK 3c, not tied, + China vals: ex Weihaiwei to London - scan













Earth-shaking – August 2021


A stampless cover from Quetta has just been sold on eBay for £83.


A near miss, perhaps, is this 2½ anna, postmarked Quetta 28 May 35 – three days before the earthquake struck.

I should cocoa – July 2021


Recently acquired is this Straits Settlements 5c bearing a Cocos Islands cds (1pm 2 Ap 1936).


Pity it wasn’t still on its cover!

KUT Substitution – July 2021


An extraordinarily deftly transposed vignette (+ frame’s text & a bit of shading – presumably from a 30c) to replace that of a 20c, along with a normal one, appeared on a local Daressalaam cover.


The lower stamp covers the local rate for 1 oz but perhaps it’s surprising that the upper one received a cancel.

Near solid proof – June 2021


At Corinphilia auction 266, this Dominica 1s master die proof, ex De La Rue archives, realised, despite small wrinkle, CHF 900, (est CHF 750).

PDF's of some earlier Stop Press items...


SP 50 - Rv2A.10/5 flaw, GB new perfin, Canada proofs, New Hebrides paquebot, Henry III tower flaw, Double specimens

SP 51 - De La Rue plate 3A discovery, Tristan to Lundy cover, Rv2A.10/5 flaw revisited, Rotary International cover

SP 52 - Tristan da Cunha pair, added data on De La Rue plates & sheet numbers, Straits marks, 2016 Red book report

SP 53 - Cayman ½d 2B plate confirmation, Australia VG perfin configuration, Tristan used bogus overprint

SP 54 - Tristan forged bogus overprint, K.U.T. colour changeling, Solomon vignette shift & rotation

SP 55 - 2017 Red Book report, GB FDC curious cachet, Cyprus 3/4 piastre Henry III tower flag variety

SP 56 - Papua essay & New Guinea specimen, K.U.T. to Bahamas set rate, B.F.Egypt concession withdrawal notice

SP 57 - A further Mauritius 1 rupee cover, St Vincent Wv5.7/1 variety confirms plate for 2½d value

SP 58 - Used varieties, Specimen varieties: Grenada & Malta, Postal order from Gibraltar, Jamaica rates discrepancies

SP 59 - Important Spink auction, 2018 Red Book report, Gerald King's "alternative" Aden set

SP 60 - De La Rue Lanyard flaw, GB mirror perfin, Spink auction Falkland note, Cyprus fiscal use

SP 61 - The Levinge book on India, further data for the Pioneer Plates and Between the Sheets tables

SP 62 - Barbados 1/- part sheet, Ceylon booklet data, Waterlow plate query, additional Pioneer Plates data

SP 63 - Somaliland specimen kite flaws, 2019 Red Book report, Jamaica perforation query

SP 64 - Waterlow lightning conductor, Quetta earthquake award, Morocco alternate air rates, Censor cover correction

SP 65 - Cayman albino frame, 1½d values showing Bermuda plate 7 and Ascension plate 5

SP 66 - Tristan da Cunha Wilde on cover, De La Rue broken flagstaffs

SP 67 - Different broken U for Egypt, India double frame, Falklands correction

SP 68 - Multi-aspect perfin, Red book report, Southern Rhodesia sample multiple

SP 69 - New K.U.T. perfin, Waterlow plate 2B further marks, Cook Islands short R response

SP 70 - Double take of Ascension 5d re-entry, Morocco block/9 ES for OS sells for twice estimate, Ascension frame flaw

SP 71 - Cayman extreme vignette shift, Indian pre-release, Ceylon inclined image, Ceylon high value set-off

SP 72 - Ascension 1/- scar location, Hong Kong half sheet numbering, British Solomon Is. genuine FDC's